We provide State of the Art technology with access to your child location and whereabouts. Check what your kids, spouse, or partner are up to - and rest at peace! You can rest assure that if your child spouse etc . is missing in action we will locate and find them for you. The programs that we use are the most advance in the world. We deal with but are not limited to:

    • Missing children,
    • runaway,
    • kidnap,
    • calls,
    • threats,
    • child alienation,
    • gangs and gang related crimes,
    • probation parole,
    • juvenile detention,
    • halfway house,
    • infidelity,
    • assets,
    • white collar crimes,
    • internet crimes,
    • Electronic Sweeps (phone taps, bug detectors, scanners)


ABA brings you peace of mind all the time. We are available 24 x 7 365 year around. You pay we play you have the money we have the time. Have no fear we are her. Our unique phone helps us stay in contact with ourclients at all times. We do not screen calls. There is nothing we cant do. It is important to us that you are safe and sound so that you can live without any danger. It is our reponsibiblity to help those who need the help and who want it. Everyday we see how children go missing and how many peole are being killed or cheated on. On that note, we are proud to say that we have been able to achieve our goal of making the process of finding and securing your general welfare possible in as effectively and as thorough as we can. Our expertise enables us to do what others can not. We always strive for excellence in take the extra step to make things legally binding. We take precaution to preserve clients right have proven ourselves through the years. We are a phone call away from anywhere in the world.  We guarantee our services fully at all times.

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